1. The classes will be divided into levels.
    2. The classes will be real lessons and classes of Afro rumba and will have live percussion.
    3. Classes will have a theoretical part.
    4. An hour a day is dedicated to the interaction with debates, lectures, dance and animation.
    5. There won’t be shows during the evening but the artists will be present improvising and dancing with people.
    6. The location is extraordinary with equipped rooms, bar service, hot and cold table, bathroom and dressing area, parking and other comforts.
    7. Hotels are easily accessible and will be provided shuttle


Congress has overwhelmingly and softly entered the bodies and hearts of its participants who were able to understand the slogan with which it was promoted “not let you tell … live it.”
It was difficult to explain this feeling as it is always difficult to explain the strong feelings.
Those who love the Cuban dance came out with a heart full of joy, those who knew it in a more superficial has been driven by a magic drink and both are back to daily reality with a touch of nostalgia, what the Brazilians call “saudade” typical for example, when we met as kids love summer and expected next summer dreaming of reliving those moments. And ‘the result we wanted, we wanted to create excitement around the dance, the passion for the study.
Why was the Latincuba festival so great?
I try to explain with an example: we compare the salsa schools in our country to family doctors, lifeblood, always available at any time, always traceable, reassuring and a few steps from home. Without family doctors we would be lost! They advise us, they take care of us. A good family doctor must constantly update himself, it can never stop studying, must be able to lead us on that journey. Family doctors and aspiring doctors when they go to a congress that have luminaries and specialists to teach, to update, not other family doctors, otherwise it would become a meeting, an exchange of views not a CONGRESS UPDATE !!!!!!!
Well LATINCUBA has put this into practice, specialists to teach to family physicians and aspiring doctors!!!!! And no matter the nationality, skin color, counts the curriculum, the reputation earned in the field, the degree of preparation and the talent show !!!! 
In order to grow any movement needs role models and a large bath of humility!
The Latincuba is putting together 30 SPECIALISTS AMONG THE MOST FAMOUS IN THE WORLD, and we are looking for “family doctors” and fans who are ready to get involved and develop themselves because of the role they are choosing to have in the society, in this case be Salsa teacher and promoter of the Cuban dance in Europe.
Every edition we enrich the cast of talents because we would like to create an example to follow. We envision a movement where, along with holidays salsere, more devoted to fun rather than dance study, we see Congresses with similar philosophy to this growing around the world because we do not want to grow the event itself, but the dance movement.
Presumptuous? Arrogance?
No sir, LOVE for this world, and we will fight to make sure that Salsa in this Country in Europe and around the world will not become only an activity of speculation and business …
Going to salsa school is not like going to the gym.. sorry… we say NOOOOO!